Words with SAV

Hello World,

People like to call me Savannah, but for short they call me Sav.

WHO AM I? Because of this question, I have basically re-defined myself. I have re-evaluated my ambitions and goals, and wanted to be proactive in every aspect of who I am.

Let’s think about this, think about yourself right now. Now think about your future in twenty years, thirty years, forty years… Where do you see yourself? Every part of your life shapes a little bit of who you are. Whether you are eighteen or eighty, you are still moving forward. Every experiance leads to a new opportunity, every opportunity leads to a risk or a lesson, every risk either leads to failure or success. However, what happens when you fail? Perhaps you decide to give up, or maybe you take that failure and turn it into something. These are the lessons that mold who we are. This is how you can answer the question, “Who am I?”

The 3 Principles I live by:

  1. Determination & Will
  2. Realizing you are unstoppable
  3. Being the person you want to become.

We all want to be that person who is ready to conquer anything and everything that comes our way, but it’s the fact of being that person that stops us. We are afraid of one thing, failure. But I ask you this, how many times did that person have to fail in order to create their million dollar business, their new fashion line, even their best essay? I know we have heard this thousands of times, but it is up to us to live out that truth.

Dreams can happen if you work for them, but it comes down to yourself. ‘You have to be that person that you want to become”, as Bob Goff once said. You have to be that girl or guy who is un-stopable, and know yourself so well that you stay grounded in with your identity. It’s your mindset that will create opportunities, and create the future. If failure and negative self talk gets in the way, you will only be stuck between yourself. Don’t let yourself get in the way.

Rise above it, and beat away the failure.



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