4 Ways on How to Dream 

It’s scary to think that in a couple months I will be gone. Goodbye, world.

Okay, okay I’m trying to scare you. World, I will not be gone. I will simply be moving. In a couple months I will either be in the desert or I will be on the beach. I will either be ten thousand dollars in debt or thirty thousand. I will either be in AZ or I will be in CA. However, I will not let the unknown scare me away from fulfilling my dream. Simply, I will be moving. I will be going to College, making new dreams.

Today I lie in the green grass looking up at the sky. It’s weird to think that I will still be looking at the same sky, but I guess just from a different angle. I will be looking at everything from a different perspective. I will be traveling on a new road, spreading out my arms, and taking new chances.

My message to you is to DREAM BIG. However, the work and the effort still has to be present. You can’t just go into your room and land an internship with Nike, if you are not being proactive. Do the work, learn about your field, and be ready. This is how you dream, you make it a reality. You make it real.

How to Dream: 

  1. Don’t take no for an answer 
  2. Dream untill it’s a reality 
  3. Find a mentor 
  4. Be BRAVE

Putting These Steps Into Action: 

My Mothers Boss was my first mentor. Four months ago, he went out of his way to help me land an internship. He showed me the route on how to get there, and he gave me confidence to find it.

The first step I had to take was to say, “YES” and walk into a room with over fifty people, who were at least twenty years older than me. I went to a Chamber of Commerce Meeting (where Business people, meet more Business people). This room was filled with unfamiliar, and not to mention, very intimidating faces. I had never been to one of these events before, but something in me told me to go. I had to say the three letter word, “YES”.

I talked to people whom I have never met before, but somehow it only propelled me forward. I realized that I actually flourished in this kind of setting. I craved communication. It may have been a stretch, an endeavor, but it taught me that I could do it. And hey, I guess I was doing it without a college degree. I was communicating with High up Business people, and yet I haven’t even graduated High School yet. Mentors get you jobs, mentors speak life, mentors help you succeeed.

Fast forward four months, and today I am communicating with a woman about an internship opportunity. How cool, right?It turns out that at that Business meeting, I met the lady who hosts it and is launching an internship program this summer.

Dream Big, live in the now, and simply have confidence in yourself. Be proactive in your community, and who knows what could happen!






5 thoughts on “4 Ways on How to Dream 

      1. Feel free to message me on fb or also IG if you want to do a collab. I love doing them and featuring other writers. 🙂 @wendi.nicholson on IG and @Wendi Nicholson on fb


  1. College was honestly my favorite time of life! Going to college was a little scary at first but also exciting! Take any opportunities that are thrown to you and don’t let school stress you out! Manage your time wisely and life will work out wonderfully! College is an amazing time to grow and develop! I wish I had read something like this before I got into college 🙂

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