2 Tips for Better Lips 

Dear ladies,

What’s better than lipstick to express your mood, style, and personality? Lipstick will always compliment your overall makeup-look. I relish experimenting with new makeup ideas, playing around with different styles, and taking the latest trends and putting a spin on them to make it fit my style. What it all comes down to, is making a look that is your VERY OWN. Being unique and original will bring you confidence.

Lipstick can be fun to play around with, especially because it gives you a chance to express your personality and what you stand for. This will be something that every women should own and take on.  One of my favorite lipstick’s, that works for my style, personality, and overall look, is Whirl by Mac.

The Best Mack Lipstick: 

Whirl by Mac: 

This lip color does wonders. It is a perfect shade that matches just about every skin tone. Even though it is a matte color ( usually dries out your lips), there are many ways to exfoliate your lips and keep them smooth, nourished, and fresh.

Want smooth lips? Try this 
Scrub created by Julianne Hough 

Sugar Lips:
• 1 tsp of olive oil
• 1 tsp honey
• 1 tsp brown sugar

Mix all of the ingredients evenly in a bowl. Wash your hands, and then apply the scrub to your lips very gently.

Rinse the scrub and then dry your lips. After you are done, you can apply coconut oil if needed. This scrub is easy. All of you can make it at home to help you get smooth lips. It takes off the dead skin, and leaves your lips with a glow.

With the perfect combination of the Mac lipstick Whirl and the Julianne Hough exfoliating lip scrub, you will be on your way to fabulous lips!




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