4 WaysTo Be Body Positive

Today I saw an ad for Aerie by American Eagle. The Aerie brand refuses to re-touch any of their models.They launched an ad in 2014 to inspire young women to feel confident in their bodies.

This ad campaign may not solve the problem of fully eliminating negative self image, but they are definitely on to something. They are photographing REAL untouched women. They aren’t getting rid of the rolls, the blotches, or the lines on these women’s bodies.

The media constantly bombards young women with images of re-touched super models, leaving them with nothing but cold and bitter feelings about their bodies; however, Aerie is standing for something different!

Since we are Real women, we should be all about Real Sisterhood. We should join in on this together and lift eachother up. The Aerie campaign says that everyone is beautiful, and that is the absolute truth. No one is perfect, and guess what? We don’t have to be!

True beauty comes from within. True beauty is found through love.

This 2016 year should hold something different. This 2016 year, we should stand for something new. We should learn to love our bodies, learn to love ourselves, and learn to love each other. All women, everywhere.

Also, if we are focused solely on our looks it distracts us from living life fully. Life is about being healthy, content, happy, and joyful. Find the REAL you. Be Content, Beautifully Unique, and Stand for Something Different!

So how do we learn to love who we are? 

  1. Find a friend to encourage you
  2. Positive self talk (Be kind to yourself)
  3. Be comfortable with who you are
  4. Love every inch of yourself

Let’s all be women who re-direct the media, because it needs a change. Love yourself.

Aerie Campaign Below




9 thoughts on “4 WaysTo Be Body Positive

  1. I agree, I love the ad! I have struggled and still struggle with my body image, I was overweight when I started college and then lost about 30 pounds over two years. Even though I knew I lost weight and could obviously fit in clothes better I still saw/see that fat girl! So I constantly have to remind myself that I am pretty and that I need to love my body. After giving birth in March, I am starting to get back to exercising and trying to lose the rest of my pregnancy weight and I still have to tell myself its okay.

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    1. Wow! Thanks for this comment girl:) you are too sweet… It’s hard being a girl, and a lot of girls struggle with this issue! You can overcome it though! We all can! Just remember, we are all perfectly and wonderfully made!

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