2 Ways To Dress & Be Confident Like Gigi Hadid 

Welcome to my journey as an eighteen year old woman! This is the ultimate lady blog, so hello ladies! Today I will be showing all of you two ways to dress, and be confident just like Gigi Hadid.

Before we get into what she wears, we have to go over what she stands for.

What does Gigi stand for? 

She refuses to sign with model agencies that tell her to lose more weight or workout excessively. Why? Because she stands for something unique.

She recognizes that no woman should be critiqued, or even criticized about the way that her body is designed. Everyone is uniquely beautiful, and no woman should ever feel anything less than that. Gigi’s voice in the media is changing the perception of beauty, and setting a foundation that encourages positive minds and bodies for women.

How can we apply this to our own lives?

From what I’ve learned, it’s all about being confident in yourself.

As an eighteen year old woman, confidence can be difficult to reach. No matter what age you are, what clothes you wear, what your skin looks like; you have to rock what you got, and be the healthiest that you can be! You have to obtain true confidence within.

I encourage you ladies to step away from the pattern of normality, and start thinking how Gigi does. Love yourself, and think positively about who you are on the outside, and on the inside as well. We as women have to unite together and stand for something different.

With that said, many women are interested in her style. Here are some key tips for some of her fashion pieces.

 Two casual outfits like Gigi Hadid:

  1. Take a break from the heels for a bit, grab a pair of Adidas sneakers and pair them with jean shorts.
  2. Throw a baseball cap on, or even just whip your hair up into a bun! It’s always a cute touch for a casual outfit.

Women everywhere are experimenting with this new style. Gigi has brought a new outlook for women’s fashion. She is changing the publics eye, and re- defining what it means to be a woman. She likes to wear sneakers, so what does she do? She wears them. We don’t have to wear five inch stilettos all the time.

Two ways to be self assured like Gigi Hadid: 

  1. Be Confident
  2. Be Body Positive

Lets be like Gigi and escape from the social norm, and start thinking for ourselves. It’s never too late to start living a confident, healthy, and positive lifestyle.

Gigi Hadid stands for something different! Watch the video below 




8 thoughts on “2 Ways To Dress & Be Confident Like Gigi Hadid 

  1. I needed this right now. I’m forty (cringe), and I still struggle. About to head to Houston’s Art Car Ball in something more “unique?” than I usually wear. Your post made me realize that people can love it, hate it, whatever…I think I’ll stand up a little straighter tonight because of you, so thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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