Why Peace is Worth Pursuing

If you can imagine a world in perfect harmony, you’re definitely not imagining the world we live in today. I mean just refresh Google news, and you can see it for yourself. The over abundant amount of terrorist attacks, horrific traffic accidents, or even natural disasters, you’ll come to find that our world is absent of one thing, and that’s peace.

To attain world peace would be rather difficult, to say the least. However today, I want to to dive into understanding a type of inner peace that is a little more relatable for us all. To start us off, we can ask ourselves a simple question, how do we find peace? 

At times, we feel peace and serenity, but to be quite frank, sometimes we are left completely broken. Peace can feel unfamiliar, vanished, or even absent. Many times we are left wrecked, and peace seems to be unattainable and out of reach… I know we have all felt this sort of brokenness at some point in our lives, but why? Because we’re human. We all go through heart ache; we all go through trials; we all go through pain.

Throughout our lives, brokenness may be present. However, when just a bit of daylight peaks through the clouds, we know that we will be okay.  We know that there’s something, even somebody out there that can help us. We feel a sense of hope and life. We feel that this peace we long for, can be attainable, and it can be reached. A glimor of peace is present.

But how do we find this glimor? How do we find this light? Peace is something that can be found within, but is there something we have to surrender? So many questions, yet so many of them left unanswered.

Through many years of worrying, wandering, and searching for someone to be a light and bring me peace, I only found one way to make it through the dark tunnel: the answer was God. The same God who rose his Son from the grave, the same God who selflessly died for us, He was the one who was gave me peace, gave me worth, and helped me discover my true identity.

Sometimes, you have to surrender a part of yourself to find out what you really need. You have to say, “I can’t do it on my own anymore.” The moment I surrendered to God, was the moment I saved myself. In no way am I saying that my life is perfect now, it’s not. I struggle, I face trials, I face troublesome crises’s. However, once I surrendered to God, a sense of overwhelming peace inherently changed the way I viewed my circumstances, and my life. God was the one who gave me serenity, tranquility, and peace. Truly, He was the only one who delivered me from my brokenness.

Peace is Worth Pursuing: 
1. Peace rids you from your burdens

2. Peace changes the way you view your circumstances

3. Peace from God will always be attainable, while peace from man is surely unreachable


2 thoughts on “Why Peace is Worth Pursuing

  1. Savannah that is so wonderful. You are an amazing writer, I can feel the life in your words. You are such a blessing to me. Continue these beautiful posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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