The Best Smoothie Shop in Portland OR That Helps Your Health

Over the weekend, I wanted to take an opportunity to practice free time, let go, and wander the City with my adventure companion, Sydney Case. We got the chance to live our lives a little bit, take a sip of ideality, and taste a little bit of leasure.

My sister and I went to our favorite spot: Downtown Portland. For some reason, life seems more thrilling on that part of town. We love to get away from our early 6:00 morning habitual routines, and endless nights of unsolvable math problems and perpetual school worries. Being eighteen and sixteen this can make us rather crazy, but instead of defaulting to our normal routines- we decided to shift the direction and practice being teenagers.

We wandered around until we found a healthy spot to eat, to fit the Portland culture of course. Our first stop was Alberta. With coffee shops on our left, and organic smoothie places on our right it was hard to choose. That was until we contacted our good ol’ friend, Siri to borrow some advice. She steered us towards one of the healthiest restaurants and juice bars twenty minutes down the road called, Canteen.

If you know a thing or two about Portland, it’s that it has high quality food. If you are a foodie, you will admire this about the Portland Metro area. And so we reached the destination of a modern Cafe called, Canteen-located in the heart of Southeast Portland.

Portlanders get to experience just how tasty “healthy food” can be. Canteen only uses fresh, local, and organic ingredients. They offer a variety of menu items ranging from smoothies, juices, fruit bowls, quinoa and rice bowls, again only using organic ingredients. Canteen is all about starting a movement that establishes a new way of eating, and Sydney and I didn’t mind one bit. I ordered the Maca & Friends smoothie with  banana, almond butter, dates, vanilla, and almond milk. Sydney ordered the Apples Ginger Greens smoothie with kale, spinach, apple, lemon, ginger, and dates.

The smoothies were delightful, but the culture was even better. The Portland vibe is what makes this restaurant spectacular, it’s what drives people to the spot. The atmosphere is peaceful, quite trendy, and wholesome. It is a place where one can relax, bring a book, or share some laughs with friends.

Adventuring around locally can lead you to some hot spots within the area. We were lucky enough to have been steered towards Canteen. I am lucky to have such a delightful sister to accompany me. When you let go and wander, it lets you enjoy the present moment.



Canteen Pictures Founded by : Muller, Michael, and Gail O’Hara. Web log post. Kinfolk. N.p., n.d. Web. 8 May 2016. <;.



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