How to Shop Cheap

How do you shop cheap, Sav?

Welcome friends, I’m inviting you into my world of finding fabulous items for CHEAP. Here are some ideas that can help you solve this problem!

1. Go to Urban Outfitters 

Since I am from the Portland metro area, I have the hipster style in my blood, so in this case, I’m taking all of you to my cheap finds from Urban Outfitters. Did you know that Urban has shirts that are $10.oo and under? Thats cheaper than Target! What I like to do first is check the sale section, before I lust after all of the shirts that are $60.00 and up.You can find trendy shirts that are exceptionally manufactured, but buy them for WAY CHEAP.

2. Ask about returned items at Urban Outfitters 

This is vital. You should always ask about returned items. I got a pair of Stan Smith Adidas for $35– regularly $75. Returned items are marked down, and this is crucial when you are on a budget. I saved $40 just by asking if they had the same shoes, but as returns. It’s worth the risk, after all, worst thing they can say is “no”.

3. Go to Nordstrom’s Rack

Nordstrom can sometimes be a little bit expensive, and this is rather heart breaking to the women who practically drool over the Nordstrom apparel. However, there is a perfect solution to this let down that I use every time: go to Nordstrom’s rack first. Before you spend your valuable money on those jeans that you saw staring at you, take a look at Nordstrom Rack first and you might find something like them, but for a vastly cheaper price.

4. Don’t shop at cheap stores

To be quite frank, your wasting your money when you spend valuable cash on items that will fall apart. For me, buying clothes that will fall apart after three or four times after washing, really isn’t worth my hard earned money. Instead, go to the sale section at Urban or scavenge through Nordstrom’s Rack.

5. Look for QUALITY brands at Marshalls or Tj Max.

You can find name brand shoes, shirts, or even dresses for half the price.This is a fantastic way to save hundreds of dollars. However, you have to be choosy with these stores because they do carry some items that will most likely fall apart.

With all of this said, don’t forget that you can splurge sometimes. Every women has the right to treat herself to a brand new pair of Doc Martins, or a cute pair of Jimmy Choo’s. However, remember that you can find your favorite brands for CHEAP.

•••MY FINDS•••
This entire outfit was just over $50. Romper: $17.00 from TJ Max & Shoes: $40.00 from Nordstrom Rack 

These shoes were $40 at Nordstrom Rack

Found at Urban for $35, regularly $75 ( marked down because they were a returned item) 





4 thoughts on “How to Shop Cheap

  1. Thanks for the tips, I never went in those stores because they always seemed expensive so its good to know that I can shop cheaply there for cute things 🙂

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  2. Another well written piece, thanks for sharing with all your friends. Even though I am a man your article still hit home with me. Now where do I buy cheap fishing gear?

    Liked by 1 person

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