Why Living in the Moment Matters

Earlier this week, I was riding my cruiser down the Newport Beach sidewalk, and I nearly had a heart attack. Perhaps it was due to the sudden realization that I will be moving there for the next four years for college, or perhaps it was because of the lady that screamed bloody murder at me for riding my bike on the sidewalk. That lady was the epitome of an overly privileged spoiled brat– but that sure didn’t mean I had to let her spoil my mood. California was breathtaking, and I was going to take in every single part of it, even grouchy old women who tried to stand in my way.

That day was a real wake up call– a sudden realization that California will be my new home. Next thing I’ll know, I’ll be riding that bicycle everyday, in a city that I don’t know, with people that are not pale, surrounded by blue skies, smoggy air, and overly capacitated streets. I am going to be in L.A. Crazy. And so now, this next adventure begins to sink in. So I said “hello California, nice to meet you.”

Life Lesson: 

Besides learning not to ride my bike on the street, I have uncovered a very valuable lesson: to be content. No matter where I am in life, I have to take a step back and live in this present moment. Now, I know what most of you are thinking, “oh yeah I already knew that.” However, I can assure you that we all need a reminder to live presently. We only have one life; we have to live life well.

This is what I did: 

1. Limited my phone time ( social media, picture taking, texting)

2.Left my phone in my hotel room before an outing

3.Took minimal pictures ( still took some pictures for memories)

Being Present Matters:

  • Let’s you focus on the present moment
  • Allows quality time with family
  • Let’s you enjoy every single moment

I decided to take a step back from trying to capture the moment through my camera lense, and rather enjoy it presently. Because of social media, I have found myself constantly trying to capture the moment by taking pictures. Although cameras let us share moments with our friends through social media, I have found that it disrupts life’s current adventure. We have one shot at this life; we need to live in the now.

At the end of my trip, I realized that it was my favorite vacation yet! Perhaps it could be because of the limited time I spent on my phone?

Maybe we could all use a phone detox.




2 thoughts on “Why Living in the Moment Matters

  1. I agree, its so easy to get caught up in social media and you forget to look at everything around you. I love to explore new places but sometimes I get distracted by technology :/


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