Two Summer Outfit Ideas To Pair With Tennis Shoes 

Thank goodness that tennis shoes are in! I don’t know how us women did it before– high heels, button up shirts, and tight pants, no thank you! Funny, the men are usually the ones who wear the tennis shoes, but this sudden uprise in sports attire is the fashion trend that I can’t get enough of. The graphic tees, nikes, even just the comfortable stretchy jeans makes our lives a lot easier. Fashion just got a lot more simple, and I don’t know what woman would complain about that!

Gigi Hadid has embraced this fashion trend quite perfectly– the sporty look. In her latest Vogue cover, she adopted the look of an Olympic athlete, while shooting with an actual olympic decathlete, Ashton Eaton. Vogue is emphasizing the sporty look, which is subliminal to many women. Us women are beginning to understand that we can dress it down, while still feeling confident and beautiful as ever.

My sister and I have been crazy for this new look, so I decided to give you guys some outfit and fashion advice.

Here are two summer outfits that you can pair with your tennis : 

1. Levi’s and tank





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