4 Steps For Healthy Skin 

We all see those beautiful girls that flaunt their perfectly contoured, bright, and fresh looking skin– it might be a little devistating. However, today I am going to give you some tips how to get your skin to its best possible version.

For too many years, I had dismissed the fact that I should take off my makeup before sleeping. I would get home, run straight to my bed, and forget about the makeup that was resting on my face all night. Later on I found pitiful face splotches, annoying breakouts, even a case of dry skin that was suddenly appearing, and appearing quite fast. However, this was all before I got introduced to my favorite products from my wonderful little sister, Sydney.

I said hello to the world of moisturizing lotion, and my secret necessity: tea tree oil.  It was exhausting being self conscious about my skin, so what did I do? I decided to be proactive, and make a change! Scroll down, and you can find tips on how to take care of your skin the right way!

—–Taking care of our bodies increases our physical and emotional well being. If we believe that we are beautiful, and believe that down to the core of who we are, we are proven to be more content individuals in all aspects of our life. Taking care of our bodies is essential, and our skin is a good place to start!—–

What I do: 

  1. Take off makeup with a luke warm wash cloth
  2. Wash face with Trader Joes face wash
  3. Clean off face with Trader Joes tea tree wipes
  4. Moisturize with Trader Joes moisturizing cream
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R e m e m b e r 
Remember, not every person will have completely blemish free skin. I sure don’t. However, make sure to wash, cleanse, and moisturize your face to get the healthiest possible version of your skin. Be content with your physical self, especially because you know that you are taking care of your body. Women often need reminders that they are perfectly and wonderfully made– even appreciate your flaws. Get to the healthiest version of yourself!




2 thoughts on “4 Steps For Healthy Skin 

  1. First off, youre so beautiful! Second, Im really interested in those prodcuts, I always try to use things that are good for my skin and while I dont get break outs I do have dry cheeks so I would love to help them!

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