Five College Campus Style Tips 

I have officially moved away to Southern CA.  Yes, the state where it is almost always sunny, and filled with lots of fresh pressed juice bars. I have been dreaming of this day since my freshman year in High school, and now I am actually going out and doing it– living out my dream and living out an adventure.

Since I just began college , I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share with you guys some college campus style tips. For me, it’s all about being comfortable and being confident with what I am wearing. So, hello hello to  living fashionably in college!

I met two new girls this week that helped me realize something quite important: what you wear is not your worth. I began to realize that what you wear is rather just a form of expressing who you are–  not your identity. Some women like to dress gothic, some urban, some boho, but we as individuals all have a different way of displaying our personalities. I have learned that my identity is found in being a child of God, and living out who He created me to be.

Every woman should feel empowered, and every woman should own what she looks like. We are not defined by our outside appearance, however we can still emphasize who we are by wearing items that display that. For example, I like to wear clothing that’s both cute and comfy; I am living out my happy-go-lucky and adventurous personality, and that is simply wonderful! 

Four Style Tips For Campus: 

  1. Wear your favorite tennis shoes 
  2. Don’t be afraid to dress your outfit up
  3. Create your own style 
  4.  Mix and match all of your clothing 
  5. Share clothes with your roommates or close friends (those who give stuff back) 

 Below are some ideas of my favorite shoe choices!




2 thoughts on “Five College Campus Style Tips 

  1. I admit I have a hard time with this, I am very much boho, hippie but I also can be very grunge/rock and I am always concerned people will look at me weird or think Im weird or something or that Ill look fat. Im trying so hard to be okay with what I enjoy wearing. Thanks for being so clear and honest 🙂

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