Three Ways To Make Dresses And Rompers Casually Cute 

 I have a love-hate relationship with dresses and rompers. I like the idea of them, but then I feel as if I am going out to some top-notch dinner event or breakfast banquet . I am the kind of girl who likes to do makeup, likes to do hair, but sometimes when I combine the three a dress makes the overall look a little too “dressy”. 

Since I like to be casually cute, I decided to rummage through my tiny college closet–packed with sweaters, jackets, and too many jean skirts–  till I found the perfect items to dress down my outfits. I would be pairing the two wonderful jackets below with a romper and a dress, to make the outfits a little more casual–a little more me. 

Tips To Dress Down An Outfit: 

1. Pair your dress or romper with tennis shoes or sandals 

2. Throw on a jacket to make it more casual 

3. Throw your hair into a ponytail 

A Positive Thought: 

Sometimes I feel as if our culture tells us that we need to consume consume consume, purchase this, purchase that. However, the more I experience this pressure, the more I come to an understanding of the concept of giving freely of ourselves. 

Perhaps giving freely of everything we have can be so much more rewarding, so much more satisfying. We can have nice clothes, have nice things, but is that what really matters the most? Personally, I have found that the closer I get to Jesus, the less the materialistic things matter. Life is about vision– about cultivating truth and life. It’s about realizing that we have a purpose, we have a voice, we have a specific vision and calling. 

Once we GIVE freely of ourselves, we can finally understand Who We Are. Our identity should be found in being beloved by our Farther, by Abba, by Jesus; not clothes, not shoes, not makeup, not beauty. Yes, we can enjoy these things, but these materialistic items shouldn’t define us at our core. Lets be secure in ourselves; lets believe that who He is, has made us who We are. Let’s understand that Jesus’s identity is now ours, because He loves us. 




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