Bella Hadid Takes Away Dark Cirlces– And So Can We!

Earlier this week I was reading an article  about removing dark circles under the eyes, and then I stumbled upon a Vogue post– which then lead me to the video created by Bella Hadid.

After seeing her post, I decided to take action on this and follow just what Bella insisted. In her video, that she recently posted for Vogue, she gave millions of people answers to her fabulous way of making the dark circles vanish. For one, I say sleep will take it away! However, if you are like me– someone who runs around all day and night, trying to cram things in till you just can’t move anymore– then Bella was completely right!

Bella Hadid welcomed me into the world of concealer, and thank goodness for her! Due to my deprivation of sleep this school year, I decided that I probably needed something that could cover up my zombie looking eyes. I know for a fact that with jam packed school days, most of us girls could benefit from this. If you watch the video below you can unlock the secret to these tricks.

 Before Bella’s video, I had been using foundation to cover up my dark circles, but Bella showed me that concealer is the right way to go. I decided to take a trip to Target to find a cheap product, but that actually works quite well.

Three Reasons To Use Concealer: 

  1. Helps cover up dark circles
  2. Helps cover up acne or blemishes
  3. Lightens up your eyes
  4. What many people don’t know is this: you can use Concealer as eyeshadow Primer 

Say hello, hello to my new concealer!

A Positive Thought: 

The reason a woman wants a beauty to unveil, the reason she asks, Do you Delight in me? is simply that God does as well. God is captivating beauty.” ( Wild at heart).

Beauty is core to who we are; women everywhere crave to be beautiful in some way or another. With this said, God knocks on our door simply to tell us that we are created in his image, and that we are wonderfully made. With this understanding, we should all be comfortable with our outside appearances. Our femininity is not something we should push aside, or be ashamed of; our femininity is something that we should live out, by believing that we are inherently beautiful. It’s okay to put on makeup, be girly, like fashion– but let’s remember that perhaps our worth means more than just beauty; perhaps our worth is found in something more divine. Maybe our value and worth is found in God?

If these words are true, then how do we live this out? How do we begin to understand that we are truly beautiful?

Next Monday I will be releasing a blog post dedicated to this very topic. New Blog Posts come out every Monday. Stay tuned!!




2 thoughts on “Bella Hadid Takes Away Dark Cirlces– And So Can We!

  1. I’ve only been using the banana colored powder in the Anastasia contour kit, but Ive been thinking about getting concealer. My problem is I don’t have blemishes, so I don’t know if its worth it to get it?

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