The Real Truth About Beauty: BELOVED-NESS

This post is about a single word that I have focused my whole life around; it is the focal point of my entire existence, and the outline of my very own personal truth. This word has defined who I am, who I want to be, and who I once was. Now, I want to share this single word with you. Beloved. 

Lets be honest, growing up in this generation has been quite hard– especially when being a girl. Too many young women feel the constant pressure to be perfect, to meet unreachable expectations of attaining beauty, to fit into a tiny box that society classifies as beautiful. I have definitely felt this pressure, but good news, I have slowly began to uncover a way to escape the lies that we have been told! No longer do we have to feel the need to be beautifully perfect! 

To Feel Beloved, What Do We Have To Discover? 

We are a people that characterize ourselves by the things we want to achieve, what others think about us, how we think about ourselves, even how beautiful we are. But what if there was a different way to define ourselves? What if we found an identity in something that empowered us? 

How To Truly Understand Your Belovedness: 

To truly understand who we are, we have to believe and understand what we are.  We have to come to realize that we are dearly beloved– but holdup, by who? 

To understand this concept, we have to recognize that we are created for a divine and unique purpose by God. We must first strip away all of the false identities that have been holding us back– could be beauty,  addiction, even just the wrongful things we tell ourselves. Let’s strip those all away, and start living according to the fact that we are innately loved by the Creator. 

What Happens Next? 

We can now realize that we have worth and value in something bigger than ourselves. We will not feel condemned by the word beautiful– in the sense of what the world defines beauty as– but in the sense of what the Creator sees. We will begin to believe that we are made wonderfully by Him– no matter what we look like. 


And so now I challenge all of the women here– who struggle with the concept of self worth and identity– to go out and discover your value. Dig deeper, and you will uncover the deepest part of who you are. 

We are all beloved by God, and that is what our true Identity is defined by. 



Photos by:  Brianna Short 

Instagram: @briannashortphotography





4 thoughts on “The Real Truth About Beauty: BELOVED-NESS

  1. Another wonderful post Savannah. This is also fitting to me as a man, father, grandfather. I don’t look at my physical beauty, for obvious reasons, but to my self beauty of personna. Who am I as a person? Who am I seen as by those around me? This is my beauty of personality. Granted it isn’t always perfect, or seldom is, but I can only strive to be a person people wish to be around. You have a wonderful personality, and you have physical beauty but that is not just who you are. Together they are you. And you are wonderful to visit with, hang around with and watch you interact with others. God bless you, you wonderful person.

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  2. I know that I struggle with this concept a lot! I use to be super overweight and I still see that even though I’ve lost a bunch of weight. I always see that before I see how Christ sees me.


  3. Absolutely love this!

    It will be shared no matter what but may in case you maybe embarking on a new adventure in the upcoming year I want to save it and share when the decision has been made along with your introduction❤

    Just love this! God’s so cool! 🙌

    You are so beautiful inside and out, I cannot wait to see what Gods got planned for you love!

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