Why Thrifting Is The New Way To Shop

Alright, how many of you have marched into a store before and found a cute shirt, but then came to the realization that it was around $55? I know that this gets old really quick. You find something “so you”, but then you have to depart ways, because of the cost. 

Every person likes a good deal; no matter where you are from, how much you make, what kind of person you are. Everyone wants to find a quality item for less. So today, I am going to show you how to find a good deal. 

    Here is my story:  Being eighteen with basically no income and a large amount of college debt means one thing: thrifting is the way to go.This weekend I was roaming around Pasadena, and I found one of the most trendy thrift shop in all of Los Angeles; I knew instantly that this was my shop. Being a broke college student can be rough, but when you find a thrift store that carries your favorite clothing items, you feel quite satisfied.

    The way I look at it is like this: why pay more for an item when you can pay less? All these items will be new to you, so why pay full price? Thrifting is definitely the way to go– for everyone and anyone!

    Why Thrift? 

    1. Everyone likes a good deal 
    2. Find your favorite items and designs for less
    3. Helps save money 
    4. Most thrift stores only accept “new looking” items 

    Here are a couple of fashionable outfits that I found  T H R I F T I N G  

    • Zara Jacket: $18
    • Levi shorts: $18 




    2 thoughts on “Why Thrifting Is The New Way To Shop

    1. Same can be said for goods. Like pots and pans, golf clubs etc. Be diligent and you can find new or like new items. After all used is used. If you would borrow that jacket from a friend why wouldn’t you purchase it ( now your friend will borrow it from you).

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