Two Fall Outfit Ideas That Everyone Is “Falling” For  

Fall is here– and thank goodness for that! Funny, I live in Southern CA now, so it doesn’t necessarily feel like fall. At all. However, for all of you Oregonians, New Yorkers, or people who actually get seasons, I have two fall outfit ideas that other fashionistas are also “falling” for (pun intended)…Ha!

1. Off the shoulder long sleeve shirt: 

This is one of the newest (and best) outfit trends right now. You can even spot Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner on Pinterest and Instagram rocking this trend as well! There is no shame in getting outfit inspirations from the starts. 

Here’s a secret: I get most of my outfit inspirations from Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. However, I decide to incorporate my personal style into the outfit; it makes the overall-look a little more ME. 

2. Don’t get rid of the dresses:

Dresses should always be worn. With this said, we just have to keep them in our wardrobe– especially during fall! So, why not pair any dress with a leather jacket and boots? This can bring out our inner femininity during the colder seasons.

Try pairing Dresses with… 

  1. Sweaters 
  2. Boots 
  3. Leather jackets 

 Positive words: “Be the best simply by being you.” One of my best friends recently brought this to my attention, and I know that this is vital in the world of beauty. Yes, there are beautiful women everywhere, but being “YOU” is what matters! Another woman’s beauty doesn’t take away from ours. The world needs “YOU” individually. We were each crafted in God’s image. 

These words are worth so much, especially in our world today. If we don’t understand our worth and beauty, we will be found wrapped up in a continuous cycle of comparing ourselves to others– which will only damage our self esteem and lead us to destruction. We should unite together and be a sisterhood, a community, a people who encourage one  another. 

We shouldn’t compare or judge, we should encourage and cultivate a community of women who build each other up. 




4 thoughts on “Two Fall Outfit Ideas That Everyone Is “Falling” For  

  1. I don’t wear off the shoulder too much because I have hairy shoulders. OHHH this was meant for the girls not the guys…. My bad. As usual Sav it is so well written and inspiring. Keep up the good work California girl. Oh by the way, today is a beautiful in Oregon. Getting greener by the minute. God is watering us very well today.

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