About me 

A b o u t   R e a l s i s t e r h o o d

To introduce myself, my name is Savannah but most people call me Sav.

I invite all of you to experience the wondrous world of my blog. This blog is designed to motivate you guys to live and explore a wholesome, beautiful, and healthy lifestyle that empowers you to fulfill just what you desire.

I created this lifestyle blog around the definition of a simple word: Identity. Through this single word I am going to give you guys advice in beauty, fashion, and then of course discovering what it means to live out your self identity.

So, I welcome all of you to the wild ride of realsisterhood.com. I can’t wait for you to explore just what it means to be a woman who can live a positive lifestyle in every aspect of your life.

Click the Menu above: beauty, fashion, and self identity to navigate what part of my blog that you want to explore.



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